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our mission

To reimagine the fashion business by creating the world’s most innovative and admired fashion company

what we do

TechStyle Fashion Group is comprised of high-value membership driven fashion brands supported by a community of more than 4 million active members. Our members buy from us because we bring them personalized, on-trend style at an amazing value.

our brands

how we do it

We thrive in a Silicon Valley inspired work environment where design, technology and innovation are the driving forces behind the company.

By integrating data science, personalization and membership commerce, the company has reimagined the entire business cycle of fashion retail

our platform
Company stats

Company stats
Q4 2016

  • 4M Members
  • 60M Products shipped
  • 10 Countries
  • 12M Facebook fans
  • 1.5M Referred by friends
  • 25x Customer visits/year

Customer stats
Q4 2016

  • 99% Voice answer rate
  • 90% Calls answered in 30sec or less
  • 04:57 Average call length
  • 00:19 Average wait time
  • 00:12 Average response time
  • 07:00 Average chat length

Our evolution



TechStyle was one of the first companies to to bring fast fashion online and to launch the fast-fashion footwear category. From there, we began offering jewelry, handbags and apparel. Our exceptional growth is fueled by our ability to incubate new brands, extend product lines, expand internationally and innovate repeatedly in omni-channel commerce.

10/2013 - $250,000,000 in Total Sales
8/2014 - $500,000,000 in Total Sales
10/2015 - $1,000,000,000 in Total Sales
7/2016 - $1,500,000,000 in Total Sales
our culture

Social Responsibility

Our goal is to reimagine the fashion business in ways that enhance the lives of our customers and of all those involved in our products’ creation.

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What’s new
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