People at TechStyle
We’re a group of passionate people and are connected by our love for learning
and expanding the influence of fashion and lifestyle through our brands.
Our 7 Cornerstones
  • Be Passionate
    Through everything you do let our members experience the passion you have for your craft by fostering debate, contributing ideas, taking initiative, and believing in your impact.
  • Be Great At Your Job
    Demonstrate the specific areas of your technical excellence by contributing what’s needed for your role and relevant developments from your field to keep us at the cutting edge.
  • Be Entrepreneurial and Accountable
    Make responsible decisions as if it were your own business, continually improve how we work and what we offer, follow-through on deliverables, proactively managing expectations, hold others to a high standard, minimize bureaucracy, respond effectively to change, challenges and the pace of our business, take ownership for our success, keep our members in mind.
  • Do the Right Work
    Understand how your work impacts our business so you can effectively prioritize the most important work to help us achieve our shared goals. Think strategically and proactively, speak up with questions and issues to solve the right problems
  • Be a Team Player
    Ensure collective success of our global team(s) through collaboration, knowledge sharing, identifying dependencies within and across teams and acting upon it, and caring about your impact on others.
  • Learn and Grow
    Stretch and challenge yourself to keep learning, ask for help, apply feedback, look for where you can improve, keep developing in your role, continually increase your contribution to results.
  • Let’s Not Take Ourselves Too Seriously
    Work hard, but keep it fun and light-hearted, no ego, make this a great place for each other, be yourself, inspire others' best, help us not take ourselves too seriously, have a positive and constructive attitude.
“Working with fun people at a progressive, fast moving company makes every day different and exciting.”
-Eric P. CRM Analyst
Our Locations
Los Angeles
San Francisco